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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions, however should you wish to speak to a member of our Customer Services team please call 01453 833388 and we would be more than happy to help.


Does the mouthguard come with fitting instructions?

Yes, the fitting guide forms part of the rear label. You will need to peel it back to reveal the information.


Download Our Fitting Guides Single Gumshield Fitting Guide  

Double Gumshield Fitting Guide


Who should wear a gumshield?

Anyone that participates in contact sports should wear a gumshield.


What size shall I get?

The following sizes are available, however please note this is just a guide and will depend on the size of your child and the size of their mouth.

Single Game Guard gumshields are available in the following:

  • Junior – Suitable for children up to the age of 13
  • Adult – Suitable for ages 13+

Double Game Guard gumshields are only available in Adult size


Should I choose a double or a single gumshield?

Essentially it boils down to choice but can also depend on the type of sport you participate in, Double gumshields are more commonly used in boxing and martial arts.

Most sports gumshields are only fitted to the athlete’s upper jaw. Here’s why.

  • The lower jaw’s joint allows it to move freely, which means when it is struck by a blow, some of the force will be buffered by the jaw’s reactive motion.
  • In comparison, the upper jaw is fixed in position, and because of this, traumatic forces directed to it will be fully absorbed (by it and the teeth it holds).

This difference in the amount of force each jaw can help to dissipate explains why the upper front teeth (especially the central incisors) are the ones most likely to be damaged in an accident.

Simply due to their positioning, they frequently end up receiving a large amount of the force delivered by a blow, and because they are a part of the upper (immovable) jaw, the force tends to remain focused on and around them, thus resulting in breakage.

The Double Gumshield are designed to fit over both the upper and lower jaws.

The advantages of the double gumshield are:

  • It provides a greater level of protection for the lower teeth.
  • It may provide greater protection for the jaw joint too.


What if the gumshield is too big?

If the gumshield is too big, it can easily be trimmed to fit.


Will wearing a gumshield affect speaking and breathing?

Speaking and or breathing difficulties usually stem from a loose fitting mouthguard.  If a mouthguard does not have good retention, the person wearing it will tend to hold it in place by clenching their teeth together.  It’s this constant clenching action that makes it difficult for them to speak and breathe.

If fitted correctly our gumshields will fit perfectly, thus having a good level of retention which will essentially prevent any speaking or breathing difficulties.


What is the proper shape and outline form of a gumshield?

The size and shape of a gumshield should be one where it covers over all of the teeth, including the molars.

The outline form of the gumshield should extend beyond just the teeth and onto the surrounding gum tissue too.


Are Game Guard gumshields easy to mould?

Yes, Game Guard gumshields are very easy to mould if you follow the instructions provided.

Single Gumshield fitting instructions  

Double Gumshield fitting instructions


How long should I place my mouth guard in hot water for?

No longer than 40 seconds.  For full details, please follow the fitting instructions linked below.

Single Gumshield fitting instructions  

Double Gumshield fitting instructions


Do I need to buy a new gumshield if my child is in the process of getting their second teeth?

The gumshield can be remoulded so you do not necessarily need to purchase a new one.


Can I wear a Game Guard gumshield if I have braces?

Please consult your dentist for advice if applicable.


Is a dental warranty offered with Game Guard gumshields?

No, we do not offer a dental warranty.


Is it compulsory for my child to wear a gumshield?

Wearing a gum shield is now compulsory for sports played in and outside of schools across the UK, consequently many schools and clubs now operate a “No mouth guard, No play” policy.


Are Game Guard gumshields as effective as the more expensive alternatives?

Game Guard gumshields possess excellent safety credentials and offer good value at a great price.  The entire range has been CE certified and tested in accordance with BSI DD 253:2001; which means Game Guard gumshields meet the high standards set for size, fit, retention and most importantly level 2 for transmitted force (impact testing) and quality.

So yes, Game Guard gumshields are suitably fit for purpose and are equally as effective as some of the more expensive alternatives.


How often will I need to replace my gumshield?

Depending on your age and how often you use it, your gumshield may need replacing regularly.  If your teeth are still growing, new teeth will be coming through and moving into position, so your mouth guard may become too tight or too loose, and will need to be remoulded to fit the new shape of your mouth.  Game Guard gumshields are an easy self-fit option, at a fantastic price and are available to buy in packs of x10, so will potentially last for the entire school year or sports season.


Are Game Guard gumshields BPA free?

Yes, Game Guard gumshields are BPA free.


Do Game Guard gumshields contain latex?

No, our gumshields do not contain latex.


Are the flavourings and colours used in the manufacture of Game Guard gumshields safe?

Yes, all flavourings and colours are in line with the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) list and are deemed harmless.


How do I store and clean my Game Guard gumshield?

Always clean your gumshield with cold water following use.  Do not use mouthwashes, toothpaste or other detergents.

Clean the gumshield box with warm water.  Always ensure that your gumshield is dry before storing in the box.

Always keep your gumshield in its box when not in use.

Inscribe the user’s name indelibly on the gumshield box.


Can I borrow and wear someone else’s gumshield?

No, all gumshields are moulded to the individual and no two mouths or sets of teeth are the same.  For this reason, never wear another person’s gumshield.


What else may I need to know?

  • Do not chew your gumshield
  • Do not wear your gumshield if it is showing signs of wear, cracks or splits, if this is the case please dispose of your gumshield and replace with a new one.
  • Do not allow any person other than the named user to use the gumshield.
  • Do not expose your gumshield to extreme heat or direct sunlight, always store in the box when not in use.
  • Never leave your gumshield in your kit bag or allow it to go in to a washing machine or tumble dryer.
  • Parents – please check the fit of your child’s gumshield regularly to ensure that it is not conflicting with the development of the mouth and teeth.
  • If you have a brace or other devise fitted to your teeth it is advised to consult your dental surgeon or orthodontist as to the suitability of the gumshield.  Never wear a gumshield with a brace unless it has been approved by the person fitting the brace.


Please note the following –

It is important to remember that no mouth guard will completely eliminate the risk of injury, but this risk is significantly reduced from not wearing one at all.


Can you give me more information on your products?

We try to provide most of the information on Game Guard Gumshields in the Product Description, including size measurements.  However, if you require any further information or advice, please call our Customer Services team on 01453 833388 or email

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