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Mr. N. Bartelloon
“Good value – bought for my 13-year-old son. Do the job well and as his teeth change (as he gets older) he can simply throw these away and utilise a new one which is a great idea.  Clear design works well and his friends at school like them – even over more expensive models.  Clean well though after use to stop them going bad.  We bought some cleaning tablets but not essential if they are allowed to dry naturally before replacing in storage case.”


By Mr T King
“Follow the instructions & you’ll get a near-perfect fit.
Have used these before, only needed replacement shield because I’ve had a couple of teeth pulled (thankfully by the dentist) and as the shape of my mouth’s changed it made sense at this price to replace.

My advice is these are genuinely good.  Just follow the instructions on the leaflet attached to the back of the case and they give a near-perfect fit which should protect your teeth from most things (that fall short of breaking your jaw anyway).

One other thing – I was honestly shocked.  I ordered 2 shields mid-afternoon yesterday.  Free postage …. And they arrived in the 11 O’clock post this morning.”


By P. Dogon
“Soft and comfortable.
Ordered for a friend who loves them.  Soft, well made and a very good fit.”


By S Black
“Good value for money.
Very good fit.  Very easy instructions to use.  It fitted well.  I bought it to have an operation, to protect my front teeth.”


By Mr Grange
“Great purchase!
Good buy, just as described. Thank you.”


By Mr Weale
“Quick delivery, easy to use, just what my son needed.”


By Mrs S McArdleon
“Excellent product.  Really soft after boiling.  Very easy to mould.  Perfect for children.”


By Alex Griffithson
“Excellent product.”


By G.Ellis
“Best gumguard!  Stop looking and buy this.
I have bought more than 10 gum guards and this really is the best one!  It stays clear and smooth after moulding – unlike others I have bought before that get rough or shrink.  It is easy to fit, a good size (I trim to fit as my mouth is small) and is comfortable, retaining shape well.  I am using it for teeth grinding – but would have no hesitation about using it for sport either.  So far has lasted me 6 months 🙂
Highly recommended.”


By Mike Long


Mrs. N. Thomason
“Buy them for the rugby club.  Great price, great product.”


Ms. Coeyon
“Perfect thanks.”


“Just what I was after.
Arrived the day before expected delivery, junior size was suitable for a 6 year old with some trimming.  Very happy!”


By Joe
“Brilliant.  I was worried it wouldn’t arrive in time so bought a different one on the high street.  The high street one was awful but the next day this product arrived and it was brilliant.  It moulded well to his teeth as I followed the instructions.  Will definitely buy again.”


By Graham
“Good quality mouth guard.
Excellent quality for the money.  Bought 2 for my 12 and 15-year-old daughters.  They were very easy to mould (as long as you follow the instructions properly).  Both girls say that they fit well and are comfortable.”


By Kirsten C.
“I softened them in hot water and they moulded nicely around my top and bottom teeth.
I use these for whitening my teeth.”


By Alexander Cracknell
“I’ve been boxing for 4 years now and this has to be the most comfortable gum shield I’ve got.”


By Rob
“Perfect for my requirements.
Used to protect bottom lip from sharp teeth whilst playing saxophone.  Excellent product at a good price and delivered promptly.”


By Ms Fairbairn
“Best gumshield we have ever purchased.  My son plays rugby and it is the most comfortable gum shield he has worn.  Thank you…”


By Mandy Q.
“Really easy to fit and both kids find them comfortable to wear.  Good value for money.”


By Hannahon
“Bought for my teeth grinding partner…. does the job perfect and lets me sleep :)”


By Mrs Cawser
“Great item, cheaper than going to the dentist for the same thing at a minimal cost.”


By denski83


By Mr Knowles
“Very pleased.”


By Gerard
“Easy to setup, 40 seconds then done.”


By R White
“The guard arrived before the stated time and is perfect for my requirements.
Great value.”


By Anna
“Brought this as a spare and gave to a friend in need.”


By Mike
“No frills, worth the few pence extra for reliable quality product.  Considering the pack of ten given our rate of loss!”


By Mrs. M. A. John-Baptiste
“Bought this item as a protective wear for my daughter’s karate.  Was easy to mould and fits perfect.  She is still using it.  Would recommend.”


By Phil
“Simple mouth guard, easy to mould.”


By Mrs Jackson
“My son couldn’t use any other mouth gaurd because he bit into it to quick. But now he has these they have lasted 1 year!”


By R. Turner

“Moulds really well.”


By Mr. Edmunds

“The shield fitted very well, and the instructions were easy to follow.”


By Corinne Mcleod

“Great product reasonable price, delivered very quickly,also came with a case to keep it well protected which is great as they can get dirty easily.”


By D. Peck

“Fantastic Product. Easy to fit (put in boiling water then bite) We have come back to buy from this company again. Excellent customer service, great product. It arrived ahead of estimated delivery time. Would highly recommend and I will go back to them again and again.”


By Scott

“Very pleased.”


By Mel Green

“Great gumshield. Fast delivery. I was dreading getting it to mould to my sons mouth but it was surprisingly easy. Clear instructions, my son likes his gumshield.”


By Laura Bell

“My son couldn’t use any other mouth gaurd because he bit into it to quick. But now he has these they have lasted 1 year!”


By Lindsay

“Great. Easy to mould using the hot and cold-water technique.”


By Kennith



By Philippa Mann

“Great for kids. Very good product.”


By Ed Hall

“Prompt delivery great item my son was well impressed.”


By Jo Hunt

“Finally, a gumshield that is pliable enough to be moulded correctly. We have tried so many, of all prices, but could never get a good fit for my 11-year-old son. This was the cheapest and ended up working!”


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